Cloudleaf and Tive Announce Technology Partnership

Cloudleaf and Tive Announce Technology Partnership

October 29, 2021 Off By Allen Perez

Continuing the expansion of Cloudleaf environmental solutions, Cloudleaf, Inc., and Tive are pleased to announce their technical partnership. Cloudleaf’s SaaS digital intelligence enables the supply chain, aggregation, IoT, and data environment to provide digital twin solutions that provide end-to-end global solutions for managing threats and changes in product velocity. Tive enables shippers and logistics service providers (LSPs) to avoid potential shipping delays and damage caused by high latency through the class portfolio of IoT monitoring devices, software, and services.

Cloudleaf and Tive services provide team members with real-time, real-time information for shipping around the world. The combination of these platforms provides a new level of understanding and insight and the ability for carriers to monitor their cargo and for carriers to provide a new level of service. Pooled giving gives a compelling idea that time is as full as ever.

Tive CEO and Founder, Krenar Komoni, said: “We are very excited to partner with Cloudleaf to deliver great value in the visual environment of the show.” “By combining Cloudleaf’s expertise with marketing, resources, and teams on Tive’s hyper-accurate Solo 5G ™ players with a comprehensive data collection experience, customers around the world will have an immediate understanding of what is happening and its shipment.”

Tive not only offers another great portfolio of services for shipping needs but also the desire to solve customer problems,” said Mahesh Veerina, CEO of Cloudleaf. “The Cloudleaf data platform is integrated with the power of the Tive service, giving customers more flexibility than those who want to use active IoT insights to strengthen their supply chain.”

About Cloudleaf

Cloudleaf brings power to the digital supply chain that comes from real-time knowledge and decision-making. Our SaaS platform leverages high-performance cloud technology, digital twin, AI / ML, and IoT to provide advanced intelligence and visibility. We help business leaders make the right decisions in a timely manner to maximize revenue, avoid turbulence, deliver better business results, improve customer satisfaction, and increase support. For more information, visit:

About Tive

Tive is a leading entry-level visual recognition solution that helps logistics professionals manage their location and shipping conditions. With Tive, importers and logistics service providers (LSPs) avoid avoidable delays, damage, and shipping failures. Tive Solutions provides data from its insurers that enables customers to improve their shipments, improve the customer experience, and develop supply chain understanding efficiently and immediately.